2023 Miami Dolphin Player Preview: Tackle Geron Christian

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With a new season coming, the expectation of some players is very high, but not everyone will demonstrate their value, this is because the Miami Dolphins will only take 53 players into the regular season. Those players are going to be decided through the duration of the roast and also in training camp. Can the recent signing Geron Christian make it into the list?

Geron is playing in the elite of the sport since 2018 when he was a 3- round pick (74 overall) for the Washington Redskins in the NFL Draft. But his story didn't have a great start because, in his time at Washington, he played a total of 24 games, but only started in 8 of them.

After two seasons with the Redskins, in 2021 he joined Houston Texas, where you can say that his level improved because, in the only year, he was part of the team, he played 14 games, being in the starting squad for 8 games.

Once his contract was finished in Houston, he joined the Kansas Chiefs were he played 10 games in which he didn't start in any of them, but he managed to win the Superbowl in that year with the Chiefs.

And finally, on January 5 2023 he joined the Miami Dolphins and is trying to win his opportunity and impress the coach to win a place in the team.

  • Salary Situation

$1,092,500 million Cap Number. $352,500 in dead money, which means there will be $740,000 in Cap Savings.

Geron Christian could make his way into the list, but it is not 100% sure, it will depend on the quality of his training camp, and if he has luck and a player in his position gets injury. That will run up his chances.

Prediction - He will make it into the list of 53 players