2023 Miami Dolphins player preview: Defensive End Emmanuel Ogbah

Cleveland Browns v Miami Dolphins
Cleveland Browns v Miami Dolphins / Joel Auerbach/GettyImages

Mike McDaniel has the difficult decision of choosing which players are going to make it into the season because as the Miami Dolphins confirms, there only be a capacity for 53 players for the 2023 season. Do you see with good eyes the possibility of Emmanuel Ogbah making it into that list?

Ogbah was part of the 2016 NFL Draft, where he was picked by the Cleveland Browns as a 2-round pick (32ns overall). But things turn south for Emmanuel because in April 2019 he was traded to Kansas City. After 1 year in Kansas, he joined the Miami Dolphins as an unrestricted free agent on March 2020. This means that this will be his third season with the Miami Dolphins.

  • Salary situation

$17.185.294 million Cap number. If he gets released, the amount of dead money rises to $21.000.000 and the Cap savings will be a negative $3.814.706.

The 2022 season was one that Emmanuel Ogbah would not like to remember, because of the 9 games he played, he was part of the starting squad in 3 of them, before missing the rest of the season after being placed on injured reserve on November 14.

If you take a look at the statistics of the former Oklahoma St player, you will notice a decrease in his performance comparing his first season at Miami in 2020 and the last one in 2022. But it is known that Ogbah could be a surprise for the team this season, but only if he recuperates his level and increase his performance at training, so the coach notices him.

Prediction- Emmanuel Ogbah will make it into the list if he gets back into his feet in the roaster and training camp