2023 Miami Dolphins player preview: Defensive Lineman Josiah Bronson

Miami Dolphins v New Orleans Saints
Miami Dolphins v New Orleans Saints / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

In the 2023 season, the Miami Dolphins will only carry 53 players. Active roasters and training camps will determine which players are going to be part of the team. Do you think Josiah Bronson will be one of them?

  • History

Josiah Bronson joined the New Orleans Saints as a free agent in 2021 where he disputed only 6 games before being transferred to the Cleveland Browns, where unfortunately for him, he played only 1 game for the team. He joined the Miami Dolphins in September 2022, playing only 1 game against the New England Patriots.

  • Salary Situation

$870.000 cap number. If it is released, no dead money will appear, which means 870.000 in Cap savings

  • 2023 season preview

Even though there are too many players for that position, Josiah could manage his way into a place for this season. Considering the Miami Dolphins are looking for more youths on the team, he could be beneficiate by that criteria as he is one of the youngest in that position.

But he is also one of the players with the less experience in the NFL with only two years when there are players in the team with five years at the top of the sport

  • Prediction

Josiah Bronson will make it through the final roaster and will become an important piece of the team.