2023 Miami Dolphins player preview: Linebacker Cameron Goode

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With the new season just around the corner, the Dolphins fans are eager to know which players will play this season. Coach Mike McDaniel has confirmed that he will carry 53 players for the upcoming season. The two factors that will help the coach make this decision, will be the active roast and training camp. In those stages, the players will be selected for the list. Do you think Cameron Goode has the trust of the coach to be one of the players on that list?

Cameron Goode was the 7th-round pick (224th overall) in the 2022 NFL Draft for the Miami Dolphins. But his story with the Dolphins turned a different spin, because in August 2022, the same year he was drafted, he was released by the Miami franchise.

Even though he was released, the same Dolphins ended up signing him to the practice squad, one month after he was released from the team. And in January 2023 he was signed into a reserve/future contract with the Dolphins.

  • Salary Situation

$750,000 Cap Number. If the Dolphins decide to release him, the amount of Dead Money will be $0, which means that the Saving Cap will end up being $750,000.

Based on his short career, and his time at the Dolphins, someone could assume that he will not be part of the 53 players list for this season. This is because of the number of players playing as linebackers, and second, because he doesn't seem the type of player that the coach wants for his plan.

Prediction - Cameron Goode doesn't make it into the list