2023 Miami Dolphins player preview: Wide Receiver Braylon Sanders

NFL Combine
NFL Combine / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

A new season means new decisions about the team and the difficult ones. This is because the Miami Dolphins have decided to only carry 53 players for this season. Between the active roaster and training camp, is where the coach Mike McDaniel will choose the players. Do you think Braylon Sander has a shot at entering the list?

Braylon Sander joined the Miami Dolphins as an undrafted college free agent on May 2022, were he had already played 3 games for the Dolphins.

Before joining the Dolphins, he was 3 years at Mississippi College where he managed to play a total of 46 with 18 starts, averaging 21.3 yards, and making 10 touchdowns.

  • Salary situation

$870.000 cap number, and if he is released, there will be zero dead money, so the cap saving will be of $870.000

The preview of the 2023 season, for Braylon Sanders, isn't good, meaning that he is playing in a position that is overbooked and also has players not only with more experience than him but also with a certain level and understanding of the game, that will outpass Sander. This is because he competes for a place on the team against players like Tyreek Hill, Cedrick Wilson Jr, and Jaylen Waddle among others.

My prediction, is that Braylon Sander doesn't enter the list of the 53 players