2023 NFL Draft what if? The Miami Dolphins are going to....

Don Shula, Closeup. Coach of the Miami Dolphins, before the NFL football game against the Baltimore
Don Shula, Closeup. Coach of the Miami Dolphins, before the NFL football game against the Baltimore / Ross Lewis/GettyImages

The NFL draft is only one day away and the Miami Dolphins are looking in on the first round. After several sources have said that the Miami Dolphins have got calls to see if they want to trade into the first round of the draft, questions ask what if? As many people see it the team is all in now and is willing to give up capital for later but what if Miami has one prospect they really want. Let's look at three what if situations for the Miami Dolphins in what if we trade up, trade down or stay put.

1. Looking for a DT or Value player by trading up?

Zach Sieler
AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills / Bryan M. Bennett/GettyImages

What if the Miami Dolphins are not looking to extend all core players but draft younger talent. Some key difference makers are in the early part of the draft. What if Miami trades up to draft a first round DT for the future? While possible I don't think its the best idea for the franchise and its now movement. Miami might also trade up for a player that has slipped and has higher value on the big board.

2. Trading down to find a gem.

Chester Rogers, Reshad Jones
Miami Dolphins v Indianapolis Colts / Michael Hickey/GettyImages

What if the Miami Dolphins are missing out on the players they want? Logic and many have mentioned they want to trade down to look at some late round players. While this might be risky and the chance to miss out on 1st and 2nd round talent, the front office could just miss out on the best difference makers in the draft. This puts pressure to hit big on mid and late round picks. In addition this give the Miami Dolphins a chance to get a few more picks for future drafts and develop some difference makers.

3. Stay put and draft the BPA( Best Player Available).

Xavien Howard
New York Jets v Miami Dolphins / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

What if the Miami Dolphins stay put in the draft? It is not a bad option. I personally think this the best option at this point, as some nice talent should still be the board. Most the OL and TE class is still available and lots of value for a difference maker could be ready for selection. Miami should be ready evaluate all the guys after Day One and see if they are a good team fit.

What's your biggest what if for this draft? Let me know!