2023 Player Preview: Cornerback Bryce Thompson

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The Miami franchise has confirmed that for the 2023 season, they will carry a 53 players list, where training camp and the active roast are the determining factors for the selection of the players. Coach Mike McDaniel has the tough decision to cut some players and thinks that players will match perfectly with his idea. Do you think Bryce Thompson is one of those players that will end up on the list?

The Miami Dolphins signed Bryce Thompson from the Seattle Sea Dragons on May 15. In his time with the Sea Dragons, he played ten games, recording 34 tackles, two interceptions, and a half-sack.

But the history of Bryce with the NFL started in 2021 when he joined the New Orleans Saints as an undrafted agent. But in the two years, he has been with the Saints, he barely has the opportunity to play with the team, being involved in only 8 games and not starting in any of them.

During his time with the New Orleans team, he was waived and signed to the practice squad multiple times, make in it impossible for him to play. Until November 21 of 2022 were he was waived and sign with the Seattle franchise.

  • Salary situation

$870.000 Cap Number. If he is released the amount of Dead Money involved will be $0, which means that the Saving Caps will rise to $870.000.

Taking into account his past and the type of players involved in his position, Bryce's story will be repeated, he will not have many minutes this season, if he has some. This means that he will not be part of the 53 players list, as there are other Cornerbacks with more level and that have the trust of the coach

Prediciton - Bryce Thompson doesn't make it into the list for this season