2023 Player preview: Defensive Lineman Raekwon Davis

Minnesota Vikings v Miami Dolphins
Minnesota Vikings v Miami Dolphins / Joel Auerbach/GettyImages

A new season is just around the corner for the Miami Dolphins, and this year, the team will only carry 53 players. During the roaster and training camp, the coaches will decide which player enters and which one does not. Will Raekwon Davis make it into the 53 players?

Raekwon is starting his third year with the Miami Dolphins after being a 2-round pick (56th overall) in the 2020 NFL Draft. In those three years, he manages to play 46 games, being in the starting lineup in 41 of them.

The former player from Alabama College played 16 games last season, starting 15 of those games, where he managed to make 33 tackles (13 solo) and a 1.0 Slack.

  • Salary situation

$1.799.481 million cap. If the player is released, the amount of dead money will be $418.274, making the cap saving $1.381.207.

For the 2023 preview, is clear that Raekwon Davis is an important piece in the Miami Dolphins puzzle, and is a key player for coach Mac McDaniel. Even though there are good players in that position, Davis should not fear getting out of the list of players for this season, because If it is not due to an injury, he has his place insured.

My prediction is that Raekwon will make into the list of 53 players that will compete this season.