2023 Player Preview: Linebacker Channing Tindall

Miami Dolphins v New York Jets
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With the official statement of the Miami Dolphins about taking 53 players into the 2023 season, many fans wonder who are the players that are going to be left behind and which are the ones who are going to enter the list. Do you think Channing Tindall has what it takes to be part of those 53 names?

In the 2022 NFL Draft, the Miami Dolphins choose Channing Tindall as a 3rd round- pick (102nd overall). Since arriving, Chindall played only 16 games with the Dolphins but didn't start in any of them. With only one solo tackle and two assisted tackles.

This stat shows that coach McDaniel hasn't approved of Channing entering as a starter, but he is best as a substitute. Although there are linebackers with more experience and level than Tindall, the coach hasn't completely ruled it out.

  • Salary situation

$1,146,569 million Cap Number. If the Miami franchise decides to release him, the Dead Money will rise to $636.765. And the Saving Cap will end up being $509,804.

  • Season Predict

Looking at the players that hold the linebacker position, everyone can assume that Tindall's season would be just like the last one, with very few minutes in the game.

But there is a good side to Channing's story, and that is that coach Mike McDaniel doesn't want to lose the player, as he is considered a regular substitute.

Prediciton - Channing enter the list, but he will stay as a substitute