2023 Player Preview: Safety Brandon Jones

Minnesota Vikings v Miami Dolphins
Minnesota Vikings v Miami Dolphins / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

With the official statement of the Miami Dolphins about taking 53 players into the 2023 season, many fans wonder who are the players that are going to be left behind and which are the ones who are going to enter the list. Do you think Brandon Jones has what it takes to be part of those 53 names?

Being his third experience in the NFL, let's remember that Brandon Jones was a 3rd-round pick (70th overall) in the 2020 NFL Draft for the Miami Dolphins.

Going from lowest to higher, his performance was increasing, and by last season he become a crucial piece in the coach's tactics. Starting all of the 7 games he was involved in the 2022 season.

His first years at Miami weren't great, but little by little he gained his position and the chance to be part of the starting team until this year where he is considered one if not the best safety in the squad. Playing a total of 38 games and starting in 24 of those games,making a total of 115 tackles in his three years.

  • Salary situation

$3,019,018 million Cap Number. Dead money is $276,018 and the Cap Savings rises to $2,743,000.

  • 2023 season preview

A realistic 2023 season preview, is that Brandon Jones will continue being part of the starting team in the regular season. That means that he will be a part of the 53-player list that coach Mike McDaniel decides on and will have no problem increasing his performance throughout his season.

Prediction - Brandon Jones will be a part of the team for the regular season.