2023 Player Preview: Wide Receiver Freddie Swain

Detroit Lions v Seattle Seahawks
Detroit Lions v Seattle Seahawks / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

With the beginning of a new season, the decision of the players that are going to be selected to play is decided between the roaster and training camp. With the Miami Dolphins' official statement of only caring 53 players to the season, do you see Freddie Swain with good eyes to be part of that list?

Freddie Swain was drafted in the 6th round(214 overall) in the 2020 NFL Draft by the Seattle Seahawks, where he was the wide receiver for two seasons. Without a clear space in the team, he was released from the Seahawks and joined the Miami Dolphins where he was part of the practice squad on September 2, 2022. But in December of that same year, the Denver Broncos signed him, and he will only be in the team for four months until the Miami Dolphins claimed him off waiver from the Broncos.

Through the four years he has been active in the NFL, he has played 37 games, but only had the opportunity to be in the starting squad in 10 of those games.

Last season wasn't good for the wide receiver, because he didn't have the opportunity to play that much, being involved in 4 games and only starting in 1 of them. But also the fact, that in the period of five-month, he went through 2 teams were he didn't even play that much.

  • Salary Situation

$1.010.000 million Cap number. if he is released, there will be zero dead money, so the saving cap will be of $1.010.000 million.

If you take a good look at the players that are designated as wide receivers, you will know instantly that Freddie Swain will not be in many games, this is because this position, nowadays is overbooked, and with young prospects as Chris Coleman and players with more level and experience like Tyreek Hill, he will have a very difficult task to get to play any game this season.

Prediction- He will not make it into the list of 53 players for this season