2024 Miami Dolphins mock draft: Why the team's biggest need won't be drafted in round 1

The Miami Dolphins will get back into the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft but they will still be missing draft picks.
2022 NFL Draft - Rounds 4-7
2022 NFL Draft - Rounds 4-7 / David Becker/GettyImages
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The Miami Dolphins could go with a linebacker or address the holes along the defensive line.

Miami will have to wait for the 5th round to make their next selection. I would guess that by the time April rolls around they have another draft pick or two.

Leonard Taylor III
Clemson v Miami / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

Round 5 - Pick - Leonard Taylor - DT - Miami

The chances of Taylor dropping into round five are pretty slim. He is projected to be a late 3rd at the highest to a mid-5th so there is a possibility. Miami is going to need defensive tackle help regarless of whether Wilkins leaves or not.

Linebacker would make a lot of sense here, so would offensive guard. Grier doesn't have the same value on either position unless he is forced to. Defensive tackle, however, is a position that can be filled pretty quickly in the draft and Taylor should be able to slide in and be productive from the start. Then again, we said the same thing about Cam Smith too.

With Grier addressing CB, offensive tackle, and now defensive tackle, he can focus his attention on getting the best players available or looking to fill more needs.