2024 NFL Draft: 3 offensive linemen who would instantly contribute to the Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins will draft offensive linemen in the NFL Draft and these three guys would be great fits for them.
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Troy Fautanu would be a steal at #21 for the Miami Dolphins if he's still there.

Look, I don't care that everyone who's a Miami fan concedes that Troy Fautanu would be a stellar pick for the Miami Dolphins if he somehow lasted to #21. When it comes to writing about who the Dolphins should draft, I'm not going to be able to come up with anyone that you haven't heard of and the last thing I'm going to do is try and sell you on some dude that isn't projected to go any earlier than the 6th round. I won't do that.

Troy Fautanu can contribute this year by playing guard. Even though he was a tremendous player at left tackle for Washington, many scouts, analysts, and regurgitators of scouts and analysts believe that Fautanu could end up being one the best guards in the league. He played both tackle and guard in college.

It certainly seems that Terron Armstead will be playing his last year this year. So, drafting Fautanu would be the eventual replacement for Armstead. Makes sense to me.

If and it's a big if, Fautanu lasts until #21, and all talk about where Fautanu will get drafted say that he will be long gone before Miami picks, Chris Grier needs to run out of the war room and select him.