2024 NFL Draft: 3 offensive linemen who would instantly contribute to the Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins will draft offensive linemen in the NFL Draft and these three guys would be great fits for them.
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I will not waver on my thirst for Jackson Powers-Johnson anchoring the line for the Miami Dolphins.

When combine and draft stuff began after the Super Bowl, one name got linked to the Miami Dolphins more than the others. That name was Jackson Powers-Johnson. Yes, his name is awesome and it's fun to say. But at the time, it was thought that the center from Oregon could come in and replace Connor Williams and be here for about 10 years.

Since then, the Dolphins signed center Aaron Brewer and the love affair that fans had with Powers-Johnson dissipated a bit. Not me, I'm the wrong guy if you thought I would simply let time erase the visions I had about Jackson Powers-Johnson clamping down the offensive line for years to come.

Even with Brewer being signed to a substantial contract, the Miami Dolphins can still draft Powers-Johnson, put him at center, and have Brewer play right guard. Like all interior linemen, Brewer has played and started many games at guard so it's not some Earth-shattering move.

I also love how ready and knowledgable Jackson Powers-Johnson is on performing in the Shannahan running scheme, which Miami runs a variant of:

Currently, the sense I get from reading the tea leaves from folks who do draft analysis for a living is that Jackson Powers-Johnson will be there at #21. He might even be a guy who will be there in the early part of the 2nd round. Maybe the Dolphins trade down, gather another pick and still get JPJ? I'd be good with that.