2024 NFL Draft: 3 offensive linemen who would instantly contribute to the Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins will draft offensive linemen in the NFL Draft and these three guys would be great fits for them.
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A day three linemen I thorouglhy like who can step in and play guard for the Miami Dolphins is Zac Zinter.

Who is Zac Zinter? Is he a country singer or a real up-and-comer in Silicon Valley? Nope, he's a guard from Michigan. My point is, once we get over the first few names of offensive linemen, I could pretty much say any name the majority of folks, me included, would have no idea if that's a real football player or not.

As a BIG 10 man(PSU representing), I've seen a healthy amount of BIG 10 games which is to say I've seen a copious amount of ground-and-pound football thus I've seen a ton of Michigan linemen owning the line of scrimmage.

Let's get the negative out of the way: at the end of the season last year, Zac Zinter broke his tibia and his fibula. I know Chris Grier is salivating for him. But Zinter came out a few weeks ago and said that he feels about 90% and is moving well. It's not a ligament thing or anything so it seems like he will be good to go come training camp.

He needs to improve in his pass-protections but man alive this guy is a fabulous run-blocker. When I watch his highlights and breakdowns from others(I don't grind the tape like some do. More power to them but that's not me I am a former assistant offensive line coach who also was a two-time freshmen champion as a coach) and when I do I notice that Zinter is excellent at getting to correct angle on run-blocks.

The system Mike McDaniel uses for his run game is big on linemen getting to the proper angle so that our fast as all hell running backs, can get to their proper angle to leave the defense in the dust.

Zinter, to me, can come right in and potentially take that right guard spot. Even if he didn't, it wouldn't be long until he does start at guard.

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