2024 NFL Draft: 3 tight ends the Miami Dolphins could realistically select

Tight end isn't a massive priority for the Miami Dolphins. But that doesn't mean they won't add a player they think would help the room.
Florida State v Pittsburgh
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Jaheim Bell would be a phenomenal steal for the Miami Dolphins in the middle of the draft.

Jaheim Bell was at South Carolina and then he finished his college career at Florida State. Last year, he had 39 catches for 503 yards and two TDs. Those numbers will probably not wow anyone, and I get that.

But I saw him play against BC, Syracuse, and LSU and the guy just made plays. He made big plays and that's why he averaged 12.9 yards per catch last season.

He's 6'2 241 and ran a 4.6 at the combine. I agree those measurements and numbers don't jump off the page. But to me, Bell is more football-fast than he is actually fast. Yes, that may sound like a convenient thing to say, but watch his games, and you will know that the guy is a big play waiting to happen.

He needs to get more physical; thus, he needs to improve his blocking. That is a no-brainer with Jaheim Bell. But what I love about him is that you can line him up all over the field. On the line of scrimmage, in the slot, or even in the backfield. Bell has that kind of range and versatility.

I also love what he can do after the catch:

I know there's a graph or a chart for whatever you want to say. But, Jaheim Bell having that kind of YAC and making guys missed is something that Mike McDaniel can work with.