2024 NFL Draft: 3 tight ends the Miami Dolphins could realistically select

Tight end isn't a massive priority for the Miami Dolphins. But that doesn't mean they won't add a player they think would help the room.
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Devin Culp would be a high ceiling guy for the Miami Dolphins.

Who is Devin Culp? Devin Culp was at Washington last year. He only had 15 catches for 194 yards. Those stats aren't going to make anyone run up and draft this guy.

But some of his low numbers are that Michael Penix Jr. had a plethora of NFL talent around him to throw to that were flat-out better options than going to Culp. Not much shame in that.

Culp has measurables that are very interesting when thinking about him in the pro game. Culp is 6'3 250LBs and he rana 4.47. That's very fast for a tight end, even for today's NFL, where many of the tight ends are ridiculous athletes. You can see why Devin Culp has quite a bit of upside.

Would Culp be viewed as a pure tight end? That I am unsure. I can see him going the route of another current Dolphin's tight end, Julian Hill, where, sure, he's listed as a tight end, but he's more of a receiver than anything.

I'm just saying Devin Culp might have a little something that Mike McDaniel would love to have. The best part is you can probably get Culp late in the draft. Something to think about.