2024 NFL Draft: 3 tight ends the Miami Dolphins could realistically select

Tight end isn't a massive priority for the Miami Dolphins. But that doesn't mean they won't add a player they think would help the room.
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Tip Reiman could be another standard tight end for the Miami Dolphins.

There aren't many guys named Tip, so this proclamation isn't that difficult to get to: Tip Reiman will be the best Tip of the 2024 NFL Draft.

Now that the obvious is out of the way let us get to brass tax. Tip Reiman is being rated somewhere around being the 10th-best tight end in the draft. This means that somewhere in the middle to late in the draft is where I would expect him to get selected.

I say he is a standard tight end because he's not bad or great at anything. He's decent at both blocking and pass-cathing. Essentially, he is another Durham Smythe, which isn't a bad thing. You know what you're going to get with Smythe and what you'll get with Tip Reiman.

Reiman will do the dirty work, won't complain about not getting the ball, and will catch the occasional pass when you throw him one. He'll also be very good on special teams where Reiman logged 555 snaps in college.

Every team needs Tip Reimans. The Miami Dolphins can always use a Tip Reiman. I'm not advocating for using a 3rd(yes, I know Miami currently doesn't have one, but I can see them acquiring one) or even a 4th on Reiman. But if they are looking towards the future for this position, Tip Reiman can do the Smythe stuff and it appears McDaniel likes Smythe stuff.

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