2024 NFL Draft: Offensive players dominate this two-round new mock draft

2023 NFL Draft - Rounds 2-3
2023 NFL Draft - Rounds 2-3 / David Eulitt/GettyImages
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Tackles, receivers, and quarterbacks run rampant in the first round of this 2024 NFL Draft mock.

This mock is what I believe NFL GMs will do on draft night, not necessarily the picks I would make for each team (that's coming soon). There are no trades in this mock draft (also coming soon). This is an extremely deep class with regard to first and second-round talent, so let's get started.

1. Chicago Bears - Caleb Williams

We have known about this pick for some time, so it will come as no surprise. Caleb is seen as a generational prospect by many. The Bears take the chance to reset their QB clock and finally find their franchise guy.

2. Washington Commanders - Jayden Daniels

As I've mentioned before, I have Daniels in my 2nd tier of QBs, but he is not my favorite. I have concerns about his weight, the hits he has taken, and his performances late in important games, but Washington will be pleased to pair him with Kliff Kingsbury and see if they can make some magic. He has the potential to be a dynamic player, he also could turn out similar to another QB Washington took 2nd overall in the past.

3. New England Patriots - Drake Maye

Drake Maye is, in my opinion, the second-best QB prospect in this class. He has all of the tools to be great, but he needs talent around him. That is something that was evident with the talent level dropping each year at North Carolina. New England is talent-deprived on offense, so this could go up in flames. However, when you have a chance to take a guy with the arm talent and running ability of Drake Maye, you take him and figure out the rest later.

4. Arizona Cardinals - Marvin Harrison Jr.

So far, I have not diverted from my original mock draft, and I won't just yet. MHJ is an elite WR prospect who is really just good at everything. He has great hands, he's a good route runner, good at the point of attack, and he's a great player. He is not as dynamic as some of the receivers that will be taken after him, but he is the best all-around receiver in this class and one of only two receivers in my top tier of WRs in the class.

5. Los Angeles Chargers - Joe Alt

This is where I change course. All of the chatter coming from LA is that the Chargers really want to beef up the line. If that is the case, I could see them trading down, but since there are no trades, we will stick and pick. I am well aware this could all be a smokescreen, but I'm not sure how that benefits them. Joe Alt is a ready-made product who has the perfect physicality for the NFL. He is quick for his size and has shown great technique in pass and run blocking. He may not end up as the best tackle in the class 10 years from now, but, right now, he certainly seems like the safest bet.