2024 NFL Draft: Offensive players dominate this two-round new mock draft

2023 NFL Draft - Rounds 2-3
2023 NFL Draft - Rounds 2-3 / David Eulitt/GettyImages
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11. Minnesota Vikings - JJ McCarthy

I believe the Vikings will draft McCarthy. He fits their system and he is a good thrower of the football. The question marks center around his usage more than anything. He was barely asked to throw at Michigan, so how will he look being asked to throw 30+ times a game without an elite defense or running game? Time will tell. He is firmly in my tier 2 QBs, and Minnesota will be happy to have him at 11, especially since they're rumored to trade up for him.

Bo Nix
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12. Denver Broncos - Bo Nix

Here's the thing, Denver is not very good. They traded Jerry Juedy, they have no QB, and their defense gave up 70 points in a game last season (they did get a bit better as the year went on). The NFL is a crazy place, and crazy things happen. Denver would be crazy to take Bo Nix here... but they will. We've seen teams reach dramatically for quarterbacks, and Bo Nix fits in with Sean Payton really well. If Nix can be an NFL quarterback, Payton should be able to get the most out of him. Hitching your wagon and reputation to Bo Nix at 12 is as bold as it gets, but this is the NFL where QBs reign supreme.

13. Las Vegas Raiders - Quinyon Mitchell

I heavily considered Michale Penix here. Vegas needs a QB for the future unless they really want to roll with the Moustache Bros. (trademark pending). However, I could see them risking Penix's availability later in the first or early 2nd. There are no trades in this mock, but they could be a prime trade-up contender to get back into round 1. I love Mitchell here. He's fast, athletic, smart, and experienced. He did not play against the best competition, but he was great at Toledo and great at the Senior Bowl. He's a great fit in a secondary that needs some help.

14. New Orleans Saints - JC Latham

The Saints' pick of LT Trevor Penning just hasn't panned out. He was a dominant tackle at a small school who hasn't translated those skills to the NFL. Why not try the opposite approach? Latham is still only 21 and has three years of experience in one of the biggest programs in the country. He played and held his own against elite competition and still has plenty of potential. Fashanu or Fuaga could go here, but I think NFL evaluators will like Latham a bit more than the public, so he's my pick here.

15. Indianapolis Colts - Cooper DeJean

The Colts are a team that needs help all over the secondary. While they were near the bottom of the pack in coverage last season per PFF (21st), they also had only 2 DBs with a run defense grade above 63. Cooper Dejean's grade against the run? 78.6. He will be able to help this team in coverage and against the run whether they play him at safety, corner, or nickel. He is a Swiss-army knife and the Colts could use him. I have him over Terrion Arnold due to his versatility, but Arnold is a great pick here too.