2024 NFL Draft: Offensive players dominate this two-round new mock draft

2023 NFL Draft - Rounds 2-3
2023 NFL Draft - Rounds 2-3 / David Eulitt/GettyImages
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38. Tennessee Titans - Nate Wiggins

This feels like a crazy drop for Wiggins, but his weight lands him in the 2nd percentile of NFL corners. Yikes. He is tall but has relatively short arms, and he is blazing fast. I'm not sure how much his weight and wingspan will alter his draft stock, but It is something teams will look at. We see players fall for all kinds of reasons, this may happen with Wiggins. He is extremely smooth and athletic with elite speed, so it is entirely possible teams look past his frame and take him early. He is great in coverage, but not so great against the run. His range is anywhere from 13 - 40 for me. If the frame turns out to not be a problem, he will be a great player.

39. Carolina Panthers - Jermaine Burton

This may feel early, but there have been rumblings of him potentially going higher than expected. This, to me, is the top of his range. Burton is a solid route runner with a diverse tree. He is fast with the ball in his hands and was a vertical threat at Alabama. His rapport with Bryce Young is already established, so he should hit the ground running. Troy Franklin could go here, but with recent rumblings, I have him sliding and Burton jumping. We'll see come draft night.

Tyler Nubin
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40. Washington Commanders - Tyler Nubin

Washington's best cover safety last season is now with the Rams. Their second-best cover safety had a 58.8 PFF coverage grade. Ouch. This team needs Tyler Nubin and they may end up selecting him with their other second-rounder, but here we waited and were still able to grab him. Nubin allowed a 39.6 passer rating last season with 5 interceptions. He also recorded his lowest number of missed tackles in his career while playing the most snaps. He is an average run defender, but very athletic with great anticipation.

41. Green Bay Packers - Javon Bullard

Well since there are only three safeties graded in the first two rounds, we may see a run on them with teams that need one. Green Bay needs one. Rudy Ford was a pleasant surprise at times last season, and Darnell Savage is in Jacksonville. Bullard posted an 88.4 coverage grade on PFF, allowed a 34.0 passer rating, and forced 7 incompletions. Similarly to Nubin, he may not be an elite-run defender, but he is fantastic in coverage.

42. Houston Texans - Braden Fiske

I've seen this fit a lot, and, honestly, it works for me. Fiske is an athletic freak for his position, even if he has short arms. He is a bit light, and the wingspan won't play to his advantage, but he does have great speed and quickness. Demeco Ryan seems to be a defensive guru, so let's pair these two up and see how good Fiske could be with a guy who knows exactly how to utilize him.