2024 NFL Draft: The Miami Dolphins draft another edge rusher in Mohamed Kamara

The Miami Dolphins have drafted Mohamed Kamara.
Colorado State v Utah State
Colorado State v Utah State / Chris Gardner/GettyImages

The Miami Dolphins are using their 5th round draft pick on Mohamed Kamara who is an edge rusher from Colorado St.

If you had any doubts that the Miami Dolphins may have some doubts about the availability of Bradley Chubb and Jaelan Phillips, the selection of another edge-rusher to pair with their 1st round pick in Chop Robinson, the drafting of Kamara should take that point home. Maybe the Dolphins know more about Chubb and Phillips than we do, the people who have never been around them or ever spoken to them. Just a theory.

Mel Kiper has been banging the table for Mohamed Kamara for ten minutes now. He was ecstatic to discuss his potential impact and what he did at Colorado St. Here are some stats on Kamaara.

That's a ton of sacks. Like, Mohamed Kamara loves getting to the quarterback and bringing him down to the ground, which is something many have issues with Chop Robinson.

It's a solid pick. It gives the Dolphins more depth at a very uncertain position. It also tells me that the management of the Miami Dolphins may, in fact, have a veteran free agent offensive lineman on stand-by whom they are biding their time for when they will sign him. That wouldn't surprise me at all.

From watching the highlights of Mohamed Kamara, it looks he's a bully and a dude who is straight up mean. Good. The Miami Dolphins need more guys who are bullies(not in the Incognito way) who just want to out physial you.