2024 NFL Draft: The Miami Dolphins wisely trade up and draft running back Jaylen Wright

The Miami Dolphins got even faster by drafting Jaylen Wright
Georgia v Tennessee
Georgia v Tennessee / Eakin Howard/GettyImages

The Miami Dolphins didn't have a 4th round pick but they ended trading with the masters of the NFL Draft, the Philadelphia Eagles, to draft running back from Tennessee Jaylen Wright.

I don't hate the pick at all. Jaylen Wright is 210LBs who runs a 4.38 40 time. So yes, Mike McDaniel got a new toy in this draft.

There is a lot you can say about the Miami Dolphins. One of those things is since Mike McDaniel got here, they know their way around finding good running backs. Raheem Mostert was thought to be pretty much finished and that guy had his best season of his career year. De'Von Achane was a 3rd rounder last year that was thought to be too small and all that guy did was average 7.8 yards a carry.

It's like the Steelers always having good receivers or the Seahawks consistently having good secondary guys. Some teams are just always good at evaluating talent for one position. Clearly, that position for the Miami Dolphins is the running back position.

Don't feel to bad about the 3rd round pick that is gone for next year. The Miami Dolphins had three of them next year. They will get two more as compensatory picks.

With Jaylen Wright, who is yet another Jaylen for the Dolphins which easily makes them have the best fleet of Jaylen's in the world, you realistically have your one-two-punch at running back for a few seasons in Wright and Achane. Mostert is signed for two years but expecting him to produce what he did last year when he was tied for the most rushing TDs in the league. It would actually be a good thing if he got less run and let the younger guys take over more and then have him fresher for the end of the season.

The book on Jalen Wright is that he's a violent runner who looks to deliver the hit instead of absorbing it which he's fine with doing. But he also has that breakaway speed to shed a tackler and then take it to the house.

The cons on Wright is that he has a narrow build that doesn't make him a great candidate to run it in inside. I tend to believe that he runs hard enough that he can still churn out tough yards.

Ultimately, this is another play-maker for Mike McDaniel who can score anytime he has the ball in his hands.

I will say that is objectively hilarious that the Miami Dolphins after what they've done so far traded up to select a running back. I feel Grier and company we're laughing their faces off when they did it because they knew how this would land with most of the fan base. But I actually really like the pick Get better at something you're already good at. It's the 4th round so why not?

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