3 biggest overreactions to Miami Dolphins Week 9 loss

The Miami Dolphins will have to listen to the negativity at least until Black Friday when the face the Jets. Another loss to a team above .500 will do that.
Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs
Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs / Ralf Ibing - firo sportphoto/GettyImages
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Miami Dolphins' Mike McDaniel is a good coach but he so over his head when it comes to beating great teams.

If people would leave that statement as is, they would be 100% right. McDaniel is a good coach but he does struggle against good teams who know how to properly coach up their defenses. McDaniel is, however, a 2nd-year head coach who had no previous head coaching experience.

Fans may want to see big changes from year to year and big improvements across the board. When the team loses, there is a bigger focus on what went wrong and pointing fingers to access blame. In Miami, those fingers are being pointed at McDaniel.

Yes, McDaniel must shoulder a big chunk of the burden that comes with losing but not all of it. McDaniel may have called a bad play on the WR screen to Tyreek Hill but Hill's inability to hold on to the ball ultimately became the score that won the Chiefs the game.

McDaniel is still learning how to coach and he is still learning how to adjust his offense when forced to do so. it's not a two-year turnaround but there is no question that he is trending in the right direction and the only thing that really isn't being discussed more is why is he not in "Coach of the Year" discussions.