3 biggest overreactions to Miami Dolphins Week 9 loss

The Miami Dolphins will have to listen to the negativity at least until Black Friday when the face the Jets. Another loss to a team above .500 will do that.

Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs
Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs / Ralf Ibing - firo sportphoto/GettyImages
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Hello Captain Obvious, the Miami Dolphins can't beat teams with a winning record.

That's the narrative and each time the Dolphins lose to another team with a winning record, more and more fans seem to jump on that bandwagon. Social media has been alive and kicking since Sunday morning turned to Sunday afternoon and the Dolphins were sitting with another loss to a good team.

This is the NFL and playing any team is tough but Miami losing only manages to highlight their problems against good teams.

Fans will point out that is coaching while others will point their fingers at Tua Tagovailoa or Chris Grier or anyone else who happens to be someone who can be blamed.

The reality is, Dolphins fans want an excuse to blame someone because naturally, this team can't possibly lose on the road to good teams if they are going to be a great team. The truth is, you don't have to beat a team in the regular season to beat them in the playoffs but if you lose to teams you shouldn't be losing to, you may not make the playoffs at all.