3 free agent guards still available that the Miami Dolphins can realistically sign

The Miami Dolphins still have to work to do fill out their offensive line room.

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Connor McGovern to the Miami Dolphins would be nice for the AFC East pipeline.

This Connor McGovern played on the Jets last year. Amazingly, there is another Connor McGovern who played on the Bills last year. What a mind trip it was deciphering all that.

The first thing you need to know, Connor McGovern only played seven games last year due to dislocating his kneecap in week eight. I know, this guy sounds like a Miami Dolphin already.

Secondly, McGovern has started a lot of games in his seven year career. 91 to be exact.

This is what I crave when it comes to a cheap, backup or even possibly the last piece to the starting offensive line. Give me a guy who has played a ton of football, who isn't that banged up. A dislocated knee cap sucks but it's not an ACL or an Achilles.

I couldn't tell you why he hasn't signed with anyone yet. Perhaps, he's still rehabbing and hasn't officially said he's good to go. Maybe he's biding his time waiting for the best moment to sign somewhere. Who knows?

What I do know is if he was the Dolphin's starting right guard in week one, I would be very much good with that.