3 free agent guards still available that the Miami Dolphins can realistically sign

The Miami Dolphins still have to work to do fill out their offensive line room.

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The Miami Dolphins could do much worse than Cody Whitehair.

Cody Whitehair is another guy who has started a ton of football games in his eight-year career. He's started 118 games. Last year he was on the Chicago Bears and he started 11 games. He missed some time due to injury and also he got benched.

Yes, the benching is wildly encouraging but I'm chalking it up to Whitehair not getting close to 100% after the injury.

He's 32 years old and you would think that his best years are firmly behind him. But as I said, he's played a ton of football and he won't cost much of anything. Out of this list, he might be the best candidate to be a pure backup and I'd be good with that. A veteran who knows what he's doing for a game or two is all I'm looking for here with Cody Whitehair.