3 free agent guards still available that the Miami Dolphins can realistically sign

The Miami Dolphins still have to work to do fill out their offensive line room.

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Once again, the Miami Dolphins are in play for Dalton Risner.

I recall many fans wanted Dalton Risner to be the Miami Dolphins starting left guard. It didn't happen and Miami went with Isaiah Wynn. That was working out for a few games but then Wynn went down and never came back.

Well, Dalton Risner is back on the market with his recently changed agents and is now with Drew Rosenhaus.

Why is that significant? Mainly because Drew Rosenhaus lives in Miami, represents many players on the team, and seems to do radio shows in Miami. I'm not saying that it's just a matter of time for when Risner becomes a Miami Dolphin, but it's certainly in play.

Last year, Dalton Risner started 11 games and missed some games due to injuries. He was placed on season-ending IR due to an elbow injury.

This guy would cost the most out of anyone on this list. He's only 28 and he's already started 73 games. That's very impressive.

Also, he's been coached by Butch Barry so he should have a good handle on what to expect from that wizard of offensive line play. That is as long as he can handle playing for Barry. I mention this because Risner was one of the guys on the Broncos offensive line back in 2022 who rejoiced when Barry was fired by Denver.

Since then, all Buth Barry did was take last year's cast of characters that the Dolphins had on the offensive line and turn it into one of the most efficient lines in the league, and even get Austin Jackson paid. Maybe let Barry do his thing if I'm Risner.