3 free agent guards still available that the Miami Dolphins can realistically sign

The Miami Dolphins still have to work to do fill out their offensive line room.

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BONUS: If he can play, Connor Williams back for the Miami Dolphins would be wonderful.

I'm throwing in a bonus player and it's one we all came to love last year and that's Connor Wiliams.

We know what happened. Connor Williams tore his ACL early in the Titans game. I think if you had one of the charts that had the fluctuating line on it you would see that things were trending up for the Dolphins until the exact moment Williams went down with the injury.

After that, the Miami Dolphins plummeted down to the basement and were never the same. The running game, the passing game, everything went downhill.

That's how important Williams was to the success of the Miami Dolphins. He made many things work well.

This was supposed to be the year Connor Williams got paid. Unfortunately, for now, that seems like that will have to wait.

It's been floated out there, I think mainly by Louis Riddick, that Connor Williams might have to retire due to how bad the knee injury is. I have no idea how true that is.

In February, Connor's agent, Drew Rosenhaus, said that Connor and he would be methodical about where to choose to sign. Maybe this means he knows he won't be healthy for a few more months and will have to sign somewhere when training camp starts or even when the regular season begins. If that is the case, maybe the Miami Dolphins slide in and give him a one-year, cheapish, contract.

I'm just saying, that is one scenario that could happen and with Rosenhaus being his agent, I could see it happening. Or, it doesn't. Again, who knows? A return to Miami to show the NFL that he could still play might be what's best for his career. I'm here for it.

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