3 free agent pass rushers that the Miami Dolphins could realistically sign to give depth

The Miami Dolphins need more pass-rushing help especially with Jaelan Phillips and Bradley Chubb return date unknown.
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Who is Mike Danna and why should the Miami Dolphins sign him?

Oh, you don't know who Mike Danna is? You call yourselves big football guys and alleged ball-knowers and Mike Danna isn't ringing any bells.

Mike Danna is a defensive end that was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs, you know a pretty smart football operation, and last year he earned a starting spot on that vaunted d-line the Chiefs have. He started 16 games and had 6.5 sacks.

To me, he's the Chief's Andrew Van Ginkel. He's an unheralded guy, drafted in a later round who when given chances has produced and made plays. Also from everything I can gather on the net, the fans of the Chiefs really want him to get signed back and will be a bit hurt if he is shown the door. Sounds like Van Ginkel to me.

He's 26 years old and seems like a player just looking to get a big shot at showing that he can be a consistent starter in this league. He shouldn't cost that much either. This guy really seems like he would fit with what the Dolphins are trying to do. Winning teams need Mike Dannas and who knows, maybe he actually is a stud? Stranger things have happened. Cam Wake went from Penn State, then to Canada, and then to the Dolphins so who knows?