3 free agent pass rushers that the Miami Dolphins could realistically sign to give depth

The Miami Dolphins need more pass-rushing help especially with Jaelan Phillips and Bradley Chubb return date unknown.

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Miami Dolphins and Emmanuel Ogbah, not the worst plan.

I know I know, the Miami Dolphins were more than pleased to let Emmanuel Ogbah go. I get it. The guy got signed to a big deal a few years ago and never really lived up to that contract. His best play came before it.

But if the Dolphins did bring him back it wouldn't be anywhere near what he was making with Miami before he was released. It would be a minimal contract.

Surprisingly, Ogbah managed to bag himself 5.5 sacks last year. We know that Ogbah was a bit upset at the amount of playing time he got last year. Andrew Van Ginkel soaring was not something that was predicted but when it was time for Emmanuel Ogbah to be a starter again once all those guys went down with injuries, he went in there and played hard. He gave a rip and helped the defense from getting torn apart.

Plus, Ogbah already knows the players, the facilities, and all that kind of stuff that you acquire from playing on a team for several seasons. That matters a little bit.

Let's not act like this is Magneto running the X-Men 97, which has been terrific for all my Saturday morning cartoon folks out there. Ogbah can come in and be part of the defensive line and when Phillips and Chubb do get back, he can spell them. He probably would be spelling them a bunch at first or for a while.

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