3 free agent receivers that the Miami Dolphins could realistically sign to be their #3

The Miami Dolphins need a #3 wide receiver in the worst way and there are free agents still out there who can fill that void.

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Tyler Boyd on the Miami Dolphins would be very solid.

I've been an admirer of Tyler Boys for many years. The guy is the definition of solid. He's been on the Bengals since 2016 and his worst season was his rookie year when he had 603 yards.

Last year he played in all 17 games(durability is another aspect of his game that I enjoy) and had 667 yards. Joe Burrow missed a good amount of time thus the offense in Cincinnati wasn't as prolific.

What I love about Tyler Boyd's game is that he knows how to be the #3 receiver on a team that has two studs in front of him. Boyd knows his role but I guess you better know your role when you have Ja'Marr Chase and Tee Higgins in front of you.

Boyd at 6'2 would be the biggest receiver Miami has. Size is something the receiving core desperately needs. Because of his size, Boyd is no stranger to making tough catches, something else the Dolphins need.

Tyler Boyd is a pros pro. He would bring a veteran approach to the team and you simply can't have enough players that have been in a ton of big games and I don't think his contract would be that wild either.