3 free agent receivers that the Miami Dolphins could realistically sign to be their #3

The Miami Dolphins need a #3 wide receiver in the worst way and there are free agents still out there who can fill that void.

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Josh Reynolds would bring size and big play ability to the Miami Dolphins.

Josh Reynolds is a slightly bigger receiver than Tyler Boyd but he adds a much more explosive element than Boyd. Boyd is more of your classic possession guy while Reynolds is a potential big play on every catch. He averaged 15.2 yards a catch last year on Detroit where he ended up being the 3rd option on the team after the emergence of Sam LaPorta.

Reynolds' big play ability would be another big play threat to go along with Hill and Waddle. I don't think you can ever have enough players that can go 40 yards at any moment. This is something we know that Mike McDaniel cherishes.

Now I know the last time we saw Josh Reynolds he was dropping passes in the NFC championship game. That's not great but I don't think you can not sign a guy because of a few bad drops. With NFL receivers, you just assume they're going to catch the ball if it gets to their hands and they aren't getting blasted. With the spacing that gets created on this offense due to all the speed, Josh Reynolds should have a good amount of room to operate and secure the catch.