3 free agent receivers that the Miami Dolphins could realistically sign to be their #3

The Miami Dolphins need a #3 wide receiver in the worst way and there are free agents still out there who can fill that void.
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The highest ceiling guy the Miami Dolphins can get is Michael Thomas.

Michael Thomas hasn't done much in the NFL since 2019 when he had 1,725 yards on 185 receptions. You could even say that he has been downright annoying whenever his name surfaced about anything.

But he isn't washed. He had moments last year when he played good football. How much exactly does he have left? Maybe not five years left of quality play but if he can give two solid seasons, I'd be for this signing.

He's another bigger-bodied receiver who absolutely loves running Tua's favorite route, which is the slant. Thomas running from the slot, where he is quite lethal, picking up 7-8 yard gains after 7-8 yard gains is exactly what this offense needs.

If teams are going to try and keep Hill and Waddle in front of them(Good Luck in my best Taken voice) then a guy like Michael Thomas who knows how to get open and has reliable hands should have favorable matchups all the time.

Another thing that's a plus for this move is that Tyreek Hill has been vocal about Thomas finding his way to Miami. If they get along, that can only help their on-the-field product.

As I said, a lot of this is about Mike McDaniel making it a part of the offense thus making it a part of Tua's directive to look for the 3rd option.

With any of the guys I've listed, Mike McDaniel would have to make throws to the #3 wide receiver a little bit of a priority.

Enjoy the tournament. I went way off the board with my tournament winner. I have Illinois, UNC, Duke, and Creighton in the Final Four with Illinois winning it all. Dumbest pick ever or possibly the greatest pick ever. No in-between.

UPDATE- Immedietly after writing this came out.

If the money was right, I'd be okay with this. But the money would really have to be right because Odell at this point in his career is an injury risk every week. So that means that Chris Grier will be all over this. Also, Miami would have to draft a receiver no later than the 2nd round if this happens. On second thought, I wouldn't be good with this signing.

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