3 keys for the Miami Dolphins to beat the New York Jets in the first-ever Black Friday game

The Miami Dolphins travel to New Jersey for the first ever Black Friday game and these three keys will allow them to walk out of New Jersey 8-3.

Las Vegas Raiders v Miami Dolphins
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The Miami Dolphins defense needs to terrorize Tim Boyle the entire game.

Who is Tim Boyle? I don't think many of us really know. I do recall watching a Lions game or two where this Tim Boyle character looked completely inept and couldn't do anything productive.

I'm told he's Aaron Rodger's friend and that's why he's on the team. Whatever I guess is my response to that. The Jets is Rodger's show so if you were to tell me that he owns the team I probably would believe it.

Regardless of all that and regardless of who Robert Saleh puts behind center, Vic Fangio needs to release the hounds and try and recreate the tsunami that took out Bryce Petty form back in 2016.

The Dolphins need defense needs too, with self-control and discipline, not letting Boyle breathe back there. He's not much of a threat to run so I would say running a few more stunts on the defensive line are in order.

The Dolphin's secondary since Jalen Ramsey has returned is playing at an elite level and has more than enough skill and talent to clamp down on the receivers the Jets employ.

This is not to say that the Dolphins should be going into this with arrogance. On the contrary, they should be going in there with supreme confidence that they can roll a Jets offense that has zero confidence in anything they do.