3 keys for the Miami Dolphins to beat the New York Jets in the first-ever Black Friday game

The Miami Dolphins travel to New Jersey for the first ever Black Friday game and these three keys will allow them to walk out of New Jersey 8-3.

Las Vegas Raiders v Miami Dolphins
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Mike McDaniel, Tua Tagovailoa
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Mike McDaniel needs to think horses not zebras in 3rd/4th and short.

If you're in the medical field like I am not then you've heard the expression think zebras not horses when trying to diagnose a patient. Also, you've heard this expression if you're a Dr. House fan as I am.

But I think it is apropos for Mike McDaniel when it comes to 3rd/4th and short. It's been one of the leading things to talk about coming out of the Raider's game and I think there is good reason for it. For whatever reason, when it comes to getting a yard on 3rd or 4th down, McDaniel goes with elaborate plays that have several gears moving.

We don't have to reinvent the wheel here in this situation. Get in the gun for all I care and run your RPO-laden play but make sure you tell Tua that he is to hand it off. I realize McDaniel is worried that he has backup guards in there but I want to fail at gaining a yard by running the ball instead of the screen pass to Tyreek Hill who should be banished at this point on that down and yardage.

You have Jeff Wilson Jr. now as well who is a bigger back that is more than capable of getting that yard.

I wish everyone a lovely Thanksgiving. I hope everyone has a great day of eating and drinking, and that all your bets win.

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