3 keys for the Miami Dolphins to keep it rolling over the Washington Commanders

Miami Dolphins v New York Jets
Miami Dolphins v New York Jets / Perry Knotts/GettyImages
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Miami Dolphins must continue to feed the other guys on offense not named Tyreek Hill and Raheem Mostert.

Last week Jaylen Waddle and Jeff Wilson Jr. had big games for the Dolphins. Hill and Mostert did as well but for this offense to evolve and keep up with the defense it needs other guys besides Hill and Mostert producing.

Waddle, Wilson Jr. Achane if he's playing, Braxton Berrios, Durham Smythe, and Cedrick Wilson need to be included in schemes more than just being warm bodies.

We know Waddle can be a beast out there. He's a pro-bowl caliber player and last week he put on a clinic on a vaunted Jets defense. That one route where he starts in the slot and then runs a nine route to the numbers is a concept that should be dialed up at least once a game because of Waddle's speed and Tua's comfort in throwing it.

Jeff Wilson Jr. took pressure off Mostert contributing 56 hard-earned yards. I'm not 100% sure if De'Von Achane will play or not. McDaniel loves to rest guys in games where he thinks he can get away with it. If Achane is playing, expect him to cut into Wilson's carries. Even if Acahne is playing Wilson Jr. needs to have a few drives where he's on the field.

My overall point is not a complex one. Get others involved and make them feel like they are even more a part of the team's success. Tyreek Hill will get his and no one is denying that. But for this offense to take out the heavy hitters in the AFC, the other guys need to be in the game plan a little bit more.