3 keys to the game the Miami Dolphins need to turn to beat the Baltimore Ravens

Every regular season goal the Maimi Dolphins had is in Baltimore to be taken.

Dallas Cowboys v Miami Dolphins
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The Miami Dolphins have everything on the line against the Baltimore Ravens and to achieve everything you asked for in the regular season, these three keys must be turned.

This is what we wanted as fans of the Miami Dolphins. We wanted to be playing meaningful late-season football. Check. We wanted to be leading the AFC East late in the year. Check. Some of us even made it a goal to possibly win the entire AFC. Check.

The Miami Dolphins can win the AFC East with a win in Baltimore on Sunday. This would be the first time winning the East since the Tony Sparano Wildcat-led offense back in 2008. That's the year the Dolphins won the AFC East while Tom Brady was out for the year and Chad Pennington was the quarterback. Fun fact, look up who dismantled the Dolphins in the Wildcard round. I'll never forget the life get sucked out of me five minutes into that game.

The #1 overall seed in the AFC is also a possibility for the Dolphins. Beating the Ravens puts them in that #1 overall seed. It doesn't guarantee them the #1 seed but it means they can be no less than the #2 seed. So yeah, everything is on the line on Sunday.

Not many are picking the Dolphins to win. Good. I'd rather be the underdog right now. Baltimore is coming off an impressive shellacking of the 49ers in San Francisco and are the unequivacable #1 team in the AFC and at the moment all of football. They also will be wearing their incredibly rare uniform combo.

Needless to say, the Ravens aren't just going to be resting guys and laying down for Miami. The Dolphins are going to have to take first place and the bye that comes with it from them. An opportunity to get whatever respect the Dolphins think they deserve. from the masses, has been laid at their feet.

They can play with the Ravens. They've beaten them the last two times they've played them. But as we know, this is not the same Ravens' team nor is it the same Miami Dolphins squad.

If the Dolphins are looking to achieve everything they can achieve and put a loss on that uniform combo, these three keys need to be turned.