3 keys to the game the Miami Dolphins need to turn to beat the Baltimore Ravens

Every regular season goal the Maimi Dolphins had is in Baltimore to be taken.

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Have a gamplan for the linebackers and safteis of the Ravens moving to different areas of the field post snap.

I wrote down some notes about the Ravens when they played the Jaguars a few weeks ago. The biggest thing, from a schematic standpoint that stood out to me, was that they love giving a look pre-snap only to send their linebackers and safeties to other spots on the field as soon as the ball is snapped.

This is one of the ways teams give the Dolphins trouble. The Titans ran a very similar concept against the Dolphins and it majorly halted Miami's offense led by Tua. It's not that Tua can't get to his other reads. He does that very well contrary to what gets said about that part of his game. What does throw him off is when guys are in one spot and quickly and accurately get to spots he normally goes with the ball.

Couple that with the fact that the Ravens are the #1 team in sacks and linebackers such as Patrick Queen and Roquan Smith who are the best tandem of linebackers in the league and you have a recipe that the Dolphins don't love.

Well, what do you do about this? Running the ball is the best medicine for a team that likes to shuffle around their linebackers and safeties. Running the ball and accruing first downs will neutralize the Raven's plan of post-snap movement if that is how they're going to attack Miami.

The other thing that needs to happen is Tua needs to have an idea in his head where his 2nd hot read is. Baltimore wants to take away the first option which is typically Tyreek Hill. Tua better know where Durham Smythe, Alec Ingold, and where the running backs are so that they can get some yards on busted plays.