3 keys to the game the Miami Dolphins need to turn to beat the Baltimore Ravens

Every regular season goal the Maimi Dolphins had is in Baltimore to be taken.

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It is imperative to have a disciplined pass rush.

This key to the game isn't too deep. The Miami Dolphins, if they hope to win this game, can't let Lamar Jackson puppet-master them all game. Lamar will get some yards here and there but it can't always be 2nd and 7 or 8 and Lamar gets the ball, sees nothing open, hops around, and then just gets through an alley that was made because a defensive end ran past him.

He's counting on that. He's counting on eager pass-rushers who are beyond thirsty for a sack on him forgetting their training thinking they're inches from getting him to the ground only for Lamar to smirk as Chong Li did to Ray Jackson when Ray thought he defeated Chong Li in the very accurate and real movie, Bloodsport, and run right past them. Miami can't have that.

Bradley Chubb, who is playing extremely well but also very emotionally, Andrew Van Ginkel, Emmanuel Ogbah, Melvin Ingram, and the interior pass rush of Christian Wilkins and Zach Sieler need to keep Lamar in front of them forcing him to find receivers from the pocket as often as possible.

The backend of the defense can handle the receivers of Baltimore. They really can. It's up to the defensive front of the Dolphins, who rank about 29th in blitz pressure but are #2 in the league in sacks, to contain Lamar Jackson and make him beat you with his arm.