3 keys to the game the Miami Dolphins need to turn to beat the Baltimore Ravens

Every regular season goal the Maimi Dolphins had is in Baltimore to be taken.

Dallas Cowboys v Miami Dolphins
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The players can not hesitate in anything they do.

Every player on the Dolphins and even every coach needs to be prepared on every single snap. They need to know their assignment and they need to know every contingency that pertains to their assignment on every play.

When thinking about playing with zero hesitation and full preparation, I think about one of the icing plays the Dolphins executed against the Cowboys.

Dan Orlovsky breaks it down very well but essentially Tua identified the coverage the defense was in and called it out to his linemen. The words he said triggered a new attack plan for the line and Lester Cotton executed the new plan flawlessly. Lester didn't get upfield to get the block he went flat down the line. It's details like that that make all the difference. Cotton and others were given a new order on the fly and because of their preparation and training for this moment were able to put Miami in position to win.

It's that kind of attention to detail that all units on the team must bring. The offensive line can't wait a millisecond to see what the pass rush is going to do and then respond. They need to dictate to them.

The Dolphin's linebackers can't be guessing where plays are going. They need to be reading their keys and filling them every time the ball is handed off. The secondary needs to be alert for when Lamar breaks contain so they can get into their scramble mode. Tua needs to know where else he might go with the ball before he catches a snap. Mike McDaniel needs to counters on top of the counters. You get the idea now.

Like John Mason once told Stanley Goodspeed while they were defending the nation from mercenaries on Alcatraz Island.

I'll be at this game. The weather looks like it's going to be a wonderful day to play football. The season we pined for months ago is almost over but the Miami Dolphins are right in the thick of things and it's a ton of fun. Enjoy the fun of everything.

The music of the week is becoming more and more in line with what the Miami Dolphins are going through. Not sure why I ever thought that wouldn't end up happening. Here is Mastodon with Show Yourself. Makes sense right?

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