3 likely reasons the Dolphins haven't given Tua Tagovailoa his monster deal yet

Will the Dolphins and Tua get something done soon?
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2. Are there a good amount of QBs who can do what Tua does?

Are the Miami Dolphins sitting there thinking to themselves that paying Tagovailoa the type of money we imagine he is asking for, which is around what Jared Goff got and probably even a little more, something they need to hand over because others can't do what he does? We'll likely never know the answer to that. But, I can see them behind closed doors saying to themselves that they can get other guys to pull this offense off.

Look at the 49ers. Jimmy Garoppolo led them to the Super Bowl and several winning seasons. They inserted a seventh-rounder, Brock Purdy, and they went to an NFC title game and then the Super Bowl. Mike McDaniel was a big part of the 49ers and he is running a form of that offense, so you would think McDaniel believes if he gets the right guy, he can get them to run the Dolphins offense.

This isn't to say that anyone can do it or that it's an easy thing to do. The timing, anticipation, and accuracy involved are as intricate as rocket propulsion. But are there other guys in the league and in college that can do it? Yes there are. Can they do it at the level that Tua has in the last two years? That's the question, isn't it?