3 Massive unknowns for the Miami Dolphins heading into the 2024 off-season

The Miami Dolphins were not as close to competing in the playoffs as fans would have liked and 2024 could be a critical season for the team.
Miami Dolphins Introduce Mike McDaniel
Miami Dolphins Introduce Mike McDaniel / Eric Espada/GettyImages
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Who replaces Vic Fangio as the Miami Dolphins defensive coordinator and will they keep the same system in place?

We didn't originally have this listed as a huge unknown but after the breaking news yesterday afternoon, the future of the Miami Dolphins defense will be in the hands of someone else. Miami could stay in-house and promote an assistant to keep the continuity going or they could dip outside.

Taking a chance on another coach from outside the organization would bring personnel changes both on the coaching staff and potentially the roster as well.

Mike McDaniel had to know this was a possibility when he hired Fangio last year. The Dolphins now find themselves in another coaching search that will put a 3rd DC in Miami in as many years.

The search for a new DC will begin now and will have to be sorted out sooner rather than later as the Dolphins have tough decisions to make on that side of the ball heading into the off-season. Will McDaniel bring in someone to run the defense without him having to be involved or will he hire a younger innovative coach that may need to get up to speed as an NFL DC?

It has become a big unknown with incredible ramifications that could be good or bad.