3 Miami Dolphins players who could breakout on defense in 2024

Will these Miami players take their game to the next level.
Miami Dolphins v New York Jets
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2. Jordyn Brooks

Jerome Baker is gone and Jordyn Brooks is in. When he was signed, I had to do some research on him. I knew the name, but that was about it. What I found was the type of player the Dolphins have desperately needed for quite some time.

Besides Brooks being a solid inside linebacker, Brooks is a no-messing-around vocal leader who gets the boys going. He's got the kind of attitude and mentality that will make a difference, especially with some of the younger guys on the team.

I can't tell you the last time I've seen a Dolphins player have everyone gathered around him as he tells everyone that they need to be better. The team needs guys like this to make sure everyone knows it's unacceptable to let your teammates down.

Along with the leadership qualities Brooks possesses, he's also a productive linebacker. He's going to have to be because chances are the Dolphins interior defensive line will take a step back due to Wilkins and Raekwon Davis no longer being on the squad. Because of that probable reality, Brooks will have many occasions where he needs to fill a hole and take down a back in the second level. He should be up for the task.