3 Miami Dolphins players who could breakout on defense in 2024

Will these Miami players take their game to the next level.
Miami Dolphins v New York Jets
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1. Jevon Holland

We all love what Jevon Holland brings to the table. He makes impact plays and he has no fear of leveling guys out there. He played in 12 games last year and once he got those injuries against the Jets on Black Friday, he never really recovered.

Even with that, there is still another level for Holland to ascend to. To most fans of the Dolphins, Holland is thought of as a no-brainer elite safety. To me, he's still on the outside looking in on that group. I want to see the Holland from the Bills game in Buffalo in the snow. That Holland decided he was playing up in the box and wouldn't let Josh Allen do what he wanted to do.

Besides that, this is a contract year for Holland, who I imagine doesn't want to leave South Beach - why would anyone want to do that ? I have no idea if the higher-ups will ultimately re-sign Holland to a long-term deal, but I would like Holland to make that decision as difficult as possible for them.

He will be going into the season as one of the young stars for the defense. If he ups his game, he can be one of the top safeties in the league, not just to Miami fans, but to everyone. And obviously, that would get him massively paid. Seems like everyone wins if Holland goes scorched Earth on the league.