3 Miami Dolphins that need to raise their game in the 2nd half of the season

The Miami Dolphins will soon enter the second half of the season with the playoffs on their minds but several players need to do better.
Miami Dolphins v New England Patriots
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This isn't an article that is being written out of rage, vitriol, pettiness, or pessimism. Not at all. This article is written out of compassion, pride, sternness, and love. You see, being able to tell the others you care about that they're doing great is easy to do. But the real ones, the ones that have your back no matter what will tell you when you need to be better. I like to think of myself as one of those real ones, even though I've never met any of these players before in my life. It's a real unspoken bond here.

The Miami Dolphins are 5-2. If you were to tell any of us back in August that the Dolphins after seven games would be 5-2, I don't think many of us would have too much of a problem with that.

But like last year, expectations have been raised and when you start 3-0, are scoring at will, and look like you can put up 28 points blindfolded the thought is that you're a team that will have something to say about who hoists up a Lombardi trophy.

This isn't to say that at this current moment, I believe that the Miami Dolphins don't have a chance to make a deep run in the playoffs. I'm pretty sure I just watched the Arizona Diamondbacks, who were a 6th seed who only won 84 games, reach the World Series.

Yes, that's baseball but we've seen several teams barely make the playoffs, practically sleepwalk to the postseason just put it together get to the Super Bowl, and even win it. Off the top of my head, one of those Giants teams, the Aaron Rodgers title, and the Bengals from two years ago come to mind as teams that not many thought about going on playoff runs that did just that.

But that doesn't mean that the Miami Dolphins should be feeling great right now. They just leaned on by the Philadelphia Eagles on primetime and not many out there think this team can be a serious, contender. I understand the idea of "who cares what others have to say" and all that. But we watch the games and at this moment it's fair to say that the Dolphins are leaving some meat on the bone and that some high-level players need to step up their game.

Like when Billy Beane had that conversation with David Justice. Sure, it was a bit uncomfortable for a few moments, and I am not a general manager of anything not even Arby's, but I feel confident that my words can be used as constructive criticism so don't say any mean things to me such as "Oh some guy from Scranton is going some of the best athletes to play better who does this think he is." Again, no mean comments. I did win back-to-back freshmen titles a few years back as a coach so I'm pretty sure that gives me clearance to critique NFL players.

And the biggest thing with all of these guys is that we've seen them all play at higher levels so it's not like I'm asking them to do something that they aren't capable of. Just need a little more focus, a little more attention to detail, and maybe even a bit more vocalness and these guys can be even more impactful which in turn is better for everyone.