3 Miami Dolphins who are flying under the radar but have been crucial to the team's success

Miami Dolphins v Los Angeles Chargers
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Austin Jackson
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Austin Jackson has proved to everyone that he can play ball at high level

Don't try and tell me or anyone else that you had Austin Jackson working out at right tackle this year. You didn't and I won't entertain the idea that you wanted anyone else in that spot.

Tua's blindspot is immensely important and the idea of Austin Jackson getting yet another chance at being the one asked to protect it made me and everyone else feel like the gang from the Sandlot on the tilt-a-whirl all messed up on that chaw.

I wrote a few times in the offseason how I didn't think Jackson would end up being the week one starter and poof there he was in Los Angeles holding his side of the line down. Then, he did it again in New England and then he smashed the Broncos in Miami time and time again.

Enjoy this clip of Austin Jackson looking like Zeus from No Hold's Barred.

Good for Austin Jackson. That guy had to hear about it from everyone over the last three seasons. Sure, much of that was kind of warranted because he didn't play well but Jackson kept working hard.

Now, he has Butch Barry as his line coach and McDaniel has crafted a system around what his skill players do well. The result is that everyone is playing up to their potential. Without Austin Jackson, the Dolphins would not be firing off on more than all cylinders this year.