3 most underrated QBs for the Miami Dolphins since 1996

Since 1996, these are the three most underated QBs the Miami Dolphins have had.
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2. Gus Frerotte

I get that we don't want to talk much about the 2005 season. When the head coach says one day how annoyed he is that he keeps getting asked if he's going to coach Alabama because he's not going to do that and the next day he walking off a plane in Alabama, I understand acting like that season never existed.

But objectively speaking, Gus Frerotte was brought in that season to be the quarterback of the Dolphins and he didn't do half bad. He went 9-6 as a starter with an 18 touchdown to 13 INT ratio. In 2005, that's fine.

Again, we're not talking about a supreme athletic machine. We're talking about a guy whose most famous moment is headbutting a wall after scoring a TD for Washinton and giving himself a concussion. But in 2005, Frerotte was given the reigns of the offense and he came in and did well. These highlights will not only possibly make you shed a tear for NFL Primetime, but it shows a wicked good throw from Frerotte to Chris Chambers. The guy could play well when asked to, no doubt.