3 most underrated QBs for the Miami Dolphins since 1996

Since 1996, these are the three most underated QBs the Miami Dolphins have had.
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1. Chad Pennington

How can you not love and appreciate what Chad Pennington did for the Miami Dolphins back in 2008? He came over from the Jets with a ton of question marks, such as his surgically held together shoulder and concerns that he had nothing left in that arm due to all his surgeries.

That Dolphins team was coming off the 1-15 debacle of a season and there was nearly zero hope that they would be anything more than last in the division. Then due to Tony Sparano's willingness to have an offense led by Pennington and having an open mind that allowed him to roll with the Wildcat package, the Dolphins won the division in dramatic fashion in Week 17.

That game against the Brett Favre Jets in New York with the division on the line is sadly one of my top moments as fan of the Miami Dolphins. That game had everything including a terrific effort from Pennington. I'll never forget the TD pass to Anthony Fasano. I will always contend that was one of the best passes I've ever seen. The brains, touch needed, and Fasano understanding exactly how to adjust to the ball was phenomenal on that play.

Miami won the division and we all know what happened the following week. In classic Miami playoff style, they got their breaks beat off of them. The Ravens laughed at the idea of the Wildcat and that was the game. But for one season, the Miami Dolphins were ultra fun and competitive and it was largely due to the play and leadership of Pennington.