3 most underrated RBs for the Miami Dolphins since 1996

Since 1996, these three running backs were the most underrated for the Miami Dolphins.
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Honorable Mentions

There's plenty of running backs to mention that you can perceive as underrated. Cecil 'The Diesel' Collins, who yes I know his legal plight, was a guy who deserved consideration. Reggie Bush at the end of his career provided an excellent season. Jay Ajayi, like Smith, came out of nowhere and propelled the Dolphins to the playoffs.

Lamar Miller, who was a fourth-round pick, did everything he could for the Dolphins. Was he rewarded for his efforts? No, he wasn't. He was just another player that management drafted and then decided against re-signing when the time came to do it.

Duke Johnson is another guy who many just don't get why the team decided not to bring him back. He had that excellent end to his season in 2021 and the organization probably could have brought him back for just about nothing and they were fine not doing that. The same can be said for Damien Williams.